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dog poop color

This topic indeed is an unpleasant one, but in contrast to that, it is far important. Why? Because your canine best friend can certainly not tell you when he or she has a cramp, a tummy ache, or any other similar digestive problem. One of the best ways to find out about different signs of health problems is by simply assessing the color, consistency, coating and contents of your dog’s poop.

dog poop color

Do You Know What The Ideal Color Of Dog Poop Is?

Sound’s gross!? Well, it isn’t. The color of dog poop ranges from brown which is a sign of a happy & healthy dog to green, black, red, yellow, and the one with white spots. Each one of these colors indicates a problem which has been stated above in the infographic by Petmd.

Make sure to take care of your dog’s heath all year round by just following this little step of briefly taking a look at his stool every day.

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