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Cat Allergies

Cat allergies are very common and when cat has allergies, it means the immune system is overly sensitive to certain everyday substances. And, also the body begins to identify them as dangerous and tries to rid itself of these substances. It may show a variety of symptoms like vomiting, diarrhea, snoring caused by an inflamed throat and a little anxiety. To know more about the anxiety in cats you should visit the veterinarian.

Cats who have allergies to what they eat and commonly scratch at their heads and necks. Overweight cats and those exposed to cigarette smoke can develop asthma.

Check out here the common factor affecting cat allergies in the inforgraphic by

General Symptoms of Allergies in Cats:
– Sneezing, coughing, wheezing
– Itchy skin/increased scratching
– Itchy, runny eyes
– Itchy back or base of tail
– Itchy ears and ear infections

Causes of Cat Allergies:
– Tree, grass, weed, mold, mildew and dust pollens
– Food, Cigarette smoke
– Fleas and flea-control products
– Prescription drugs, Rubber and plastic materials
– Perfumes, Cleaning products

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