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Dogs may encounter two types of problematic joint pain in their life – developmental and degenerative. Wherein in the former the joints have not developed appropriately due to numerous reasons and cause hip or elbow dysplasia, the latter is the reason dogs suffer from arthritis in which the ligaments degenerate over a period of time leading to shakiness and secondary osteoarthritis.

Why do Dogs Suffer from Joint Pain?

The joints in dogs take a lot of wear and tear when they run after tennis balls, or jump through the high deck or a lot of other high-intensity activities resulting in injuries. These injuries cause many joint related problems such as ligament tears, ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) and osteoarthritis. There is another threat in waiting. If a dog suffers from any kind of joint problems like infection, dislocation fracture and cartilage damage in his lifetime, he becomes more susceptible to arthritis. An injury to ligament or tendons around joints can also cause the joint pain in dogs and the dogs of bigger size and weight are always at a risk of joint problems. But, with the regular use of pet bounce vitamins formulated with natural homeopathic ingredients your pet can easily get rid of joint pains.

How to Apply Pet Bounce?


Though the condition in canines is not curable, but some healthy changes in everyday life can go a long way in providing joint pain relief for dogs

 Massage: a gentle massage in the morning after waking up, before and after playing and also before boozing off is helpful.
 Weight Management: It is extremely important as overweight can exert extra pressure on the joints.
  Diet Management: though feeding the dogs with healthy diet right from their pup stage is essential but when suffering from arthritis, it becomes even more vital. Omega-3 fatty acids are good for keeping a check on inflammation.
 Remaining Active is equally important. Lethargy can lead to weight gain. Encourage dogs for a couple of short walks or swimming or some low-impact game every day.
  Employ Ramps wherever required. Do not let them put unnecessary pressure on the joints.

Why Pet Bounce is the Best Joint Pain Reliever For Dogs?

Pet bounce has developed a liquid formula which can be given to the dog in the food or water easily without any resistance from the pet. The homeopathic medicine is considered safe and works best to relief arthritis pain in dogs and cats. The ingredients have excellent healing properties. Petbounce is a homeopathic medication found highly successful as a joint pain relief for dogs. Pet Bounce can also work well on cats that have arthriris or other joint pain issues. Get more information about joint pain in cats.

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