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common health problems in dogs

It’s important to understand the common health problems that your dog may encounter in their lifetime. There are a number of ailments that dogs are susceptible to that are common and can be treated. Most of these ailments are not serious, however, if they go undetected and therefore untreated, some do have the potential to pose a serious health issue to your dog. To take care of your dog, go through the most common disorders in dogs with the infographic by MediVet.

ommon health problems in dogs infographic

Some of the most common health problems in dogs are given below.

  1. ARTHRITIS: Arthritis is very common amongst older dogs. Even though it’s very painful, your dog won’t show much sign of complaint. Exercise, weight control, and anti-arthritic drugs can all lead to helping your dog overcome the pain of arthritis.
  2. OBESITY: In most dogs, obesity is quite obvious, but for those dogs that are a bit furrier, the ribcage test is the best way to determine if they need to lose weight. The best treatment for obesity is to provide a high-quality diet for your dog and make sure he is getting regular exercise.
  3. STIFFNESS AND PAIN: If your dog is six years of age or older, you may notice that getting up from a sitting or lying down position seems more difficult or climbing stairs seems difficult as well. These are symptoms that he is experiencing stiffness and pain.
  4. EAR INFECTIONS: If your dog suffers from recurring ear infections, it’s very likely that allergies are the culprit and the most likely allergens are corn, wheat, and soy in their food. To treat an ear infection in your dog, the first step is to clean and dry the ear. If he is in a lot of pain, he may need to be sedated for this.

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