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Everything You Need To Know About Ear Infection In Dogs- Infographic

ear infection in dogs

Ear infections are painful for humans, and they are painful for dogs too. They experience the same itchy, irritated ears as we do. Ear infections in dogs are commonly caused by bacteria and yeast, though ear mites are a common cause in puppies. It is essential for dog owners to take cake care of a dog’s health and pay attention to the signs and symptoms of ear infection, as they can turn into more significant health issues.

Here, take a look at infographic by canna-pet for dog ear infection.
ear infection in dogs

Tips For Travelling With Dogs In The Car- Infographic

Tips For Travelling With Dogs In The Car

Traveling with a dog involves more than just loading the animal in the back seat and motoring off, especially while planning to drive for a long distance and time. Having the right equipment and attitude while traveling can surely help to take care of a dog’s health.

traveling with dogs

The above infographic by CompanionPetClinicsalMonCreek shows some amazing tips for traveling with your pet in the car. Do incorporate them, so can take your dog along to make the family vacation more fun for everyone.

Infographic- What Is The Color Of Dog Poop Telling You?

dog poop color

This topic indeed is an unpleasant one, but in contrast to that, it is far important. Why? Because your canine best friend can certainly not tell you when he or she has a cramp, a tummy ache, or any other similar digestive problem. One of the best ways to find out about different signs of health problems is by simply assessing the color, consistency, coating and contents of your dog’s poop.

dog poop color

Do You Know What The Ideal Color Of Dog Poop Is?

Sound’s gross!? Well, it isn’t. The color of dog poop ranges from brown which is a sign of a happy & healthy dog to green, black, red, yellow, and the one with white spots. Each one of these colors indicates a problem which has been stated above in the infographic by Petmd.

Make sure to take care of your dog’s heath all year round by just following this little step of briefly taking a look at his stool every day.

7 Pet Dental Care Tips For Your Dog- Infographic

Pet Dental Care Tips

All the veterinarians around the world recommend the dog owners to brush their teeth routinely. Your vet might as well, but do you?  Sometimes, even with the best efforts, various health problems in a senior dog can occur and dental problems are one of the most common among them all.

Therefore, make sure to follow these teeth cleaning tips for your dog in this infographic by PETSMART.

Pet dental care

To go by the facts, pet dental care has a significant role to play as it helps to prevent various dental problems related specifically to it. So, start cleaning your pet’s teeth today.

How To Perform Pet CPR And First Aid- Infographic

pet cpr and first aid

Dogs are part of the family, and by learning CPR you can take care of a dog’s health. CPR stands for cardiopulmonary resuscitation and is a life-saving procedure used to help dogs that have stopped breathing or have no heartbeat.

Do you own a pet and don’t know how to perform CPR and first aid?

In the given infographic, TRUDOG is showing how you can perform CPR and potentially save your dog’s life.

 pet cpr and first aid

How To Take Care Of A Dog’s Health All Year Round- Infographic

How To Take Care Of a Dog

Pets completely rely on their owners to look after their health. That’s why it is important to know how to take care of them, especially how to take care of a dog. This will you make sure your canine companion stays in good health all year round.

The infographic given below by FIX talks about the caloric needs for the indoor pets. As well as it provides a daily exercise guide by breed to keep your pet healthy all year round.

how to take care of a dog
Fortunately, looking after the health of your dog is easy only if you learn to recognize the warning signs. When in need apply the preventative healthcare techniques which specifically includes joint pain relief remedies and others. Additionally, to help your dog stave off sickness and disease throughout the year do schedule yearly vet visits too.